An excessively detailed bibliography (how else do I keep track of everything I’ve done?)

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Published work

  • Augustus Clementine, XIII, Resurrection House, winter 2015
  • Soft Feather Dance, Apex Magazine, September 2014
  • Falling Leaves, Apex Magazine, May 2014
  • Love is a Component of the Story, Daily Science Fiction, March 2014
  • A visual poem inspired by The Tick and drawn on a placemat, Flying Higher, 2013
  • “Blunt Force Trauma Delivered by Spouse” This is How You Die, July 2013
  • “Shadow Play” (audio ‘reprint’)  Toasted Cake, read by Tina Connolly, 2013
  • Mermaid’s Hook” (audio ‘reprint’) Podcastle, read by Julia Rios, 2013
  • Shadow Play” Daily Science Fiction, 2013
  • Mermaid’s Hook” Apex Magazine, 2013
  • Casanova Clay” (a poem) Apex Magazine, 2012
  • The Rugged Track” (audio ‘reprint’), Podcastle, 2012
  • “A Study in Flesh and Mind” (audio ‘reprint’), Dark Fictions Magazine, 2012 (it’s amazing to hear two different audio versions. They are so different! Someday I want to hear a man read it with changed pronouns.)
  • Dear Ms Moon” (audio ‘reprint’) Toasted Cake, 2012
  • A Study in Flesh and Mind” (audio ‘reprint’), Pseudopod, 2012.
  • “Maia Blue is Going Home”, Anywhere but Earth, Coeur de Lion, 2011
  • The Rugged Track“, Strange Horizons, 2011
  • A Study in Flesh and Mind“, Daily Science Fiction, 2011
  • Script Writer, “Closing the Road”, Tides of Hope, Supanova – raising funds for Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, 2011
  • Shape for Her, Moonlight Tuber, 2011
  • Dear Ms Moon, Daily Science Fiction, 2010
  • Script Writer, “Dream Seeds”, will be reprinted in Sprawl Anthology, 12th Planet Press, 2010
  • Writer, Cracked Leather, The Pedestal Magazine, 2009
  • Script Writer, Love and Spandex, Tango – Love and War, Cardigan Comics, 2009
  • Writer, The making of the scientist, comic and essay, Meanjin, 2008
  • Aussie Women in Comics, Broadsheet, 2008
  • Script Writer, Songs Dreams and Nightmares, a limited edition collection of short comics, showcasing previously published works of Liz Argall, 2008
  • Script Writer, “I carry you in my heart”, Ronin Illustrated 3, 2008
  • Writer, Comic-con series of articles, Ozcomics, 2008
  • Script Writer, Strange Dreams Webcomic, Local Act Comics, since 2007
  • Writer, “Help, I want to write comics”, OzComics, 2007
  • Writer, “Black Dogs – Biting Back at Depression”, OzComics, 2007
  • Writer, “Women in Comics”, A guide to Australian Comics; the Best of OzComics Magazine, SureShot presents Autumn 2007 issue
  • Script Writer, “A girl’s guide to boy bits”, The Girl’s Guide to Guys’ Stuff, Friends of Lulu, 2007
  • Script Writer, “This House”, Clowns, Carnies, Freaks and Circus Life, Local Act Comics, 2007
  • Staff Writer, Lip Magazine, a magazine for girls who feel, create, speak out and live, 2005 – 2007
  • Script Writer, “On My Shoulder”, Meus Officium Est Abyssus 2, 2006 – Maggie McFee recently added colour to this comic, check it out!
  • Script Writer, “Song So Uncertain”, The Ink Volume 3, 2006
  • Script Writer, “Dream Seeds”, Dreams of Tomorrow, 2005; will be reprinted in Sprawl Anthology, 12th Planet Press,
  • Script Writer, “Tomorrow Dreaming”, Dreams of Tomorrow, 2005
  • Author, Once Upon a Time, Vibewire , 2005
  • Features Writer, Ozcomics, 2004 – 2005
  • Script Writer, “Fly Away Home”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Graveyard Shift”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Meat Puppet”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Zombie Girl”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “The Tale of Ms Penelope”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Snake Skins”, Eat Comics, 2004; lip, issue 11, winter 2008
  • Collaborator with Rachel Robbins, The Between Space, Impressed Publishing, 2004
  • Writer and Illustrator, “Uniblues”, Survival Guide, ANU Post Graduate Students’ Association, 2004
  • Short stories, poems and articles, published in a number of print journals and E-zines including, Recursive Angel, Antipodean SciFi and The Dream People, 2000-2002

Other Projects

  • Spotlight Interviews for Women Destroy Fantasy and for Lightspeed.
  • Introduction to Ken Schneyer’s The Law and The Heart, 2014.
  • “Dear Ms Moon” – staged reading of my short story. First directed by Sarah Peters, Pulp Diction, part of the 2013 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works.  Performed semi-frequently after this as part of Pulp Diction’s repertoire.
  • With Brian Allard I adapted my short story Maxima Vrugleplex into a short play. Premiered January 2011. Performed semi-frequently after this as part of Pulp Diction’s repertoire.
  • Judge, Aurealis Awards, 2010
  • Freelance Writer, Researcher and Talent Scout (social message comics), Inception Strategies, Dec 2007 – Dec 2010. I have worked on over twenty titles
  • Judge, 24 Hours in Oz Comics Challenge, since 2006
  • ComicBook Opera, libretto and story, performed by the Young Music Society January 2009
  • Producer and Editor, Dreams of Tomorrow comics anthology, 2005
  • In the production of Mission Improv-able – see Performance and About produced, in collaboration, a handbook and resource for improvisational theatre, 2005
  • Wild Wild Space Roleplaying Game – see Performance in collaboration with Mike McClure wrote a 50,000 word world book and story bible, 2003

Awards, nominations and such

  • Finalist, 2014 Aurealis Awards, Best YA Short Story for Falling Leaves
  • The Rugged Track, Outer Alliance Recommended Reading List, 2012
  • Clarion Writers Workshop, 2009
  • Grant recipient, Arts ACT Project Funding, 2008
  • Bronze, Small Press Title of the Year, Ledger Awards, 2006
  • Nominee, Single Issue or Story of the Year, Ledger Awards (Acknowledging Excellence and Achievement in Australian Comic Arts and Publishing), 2006
  • Winner, Best New Designer Award, Phenomenon Roleplaying Games Convention 1997

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