Photo by Richard Man Photography
Photo by Richard Man Photography

I think you are rad. You look at the tough stuff in the world and keep caring. We like joy, curiosities, and a little gallows humor to keep edges we don’t want smoothed off. It is hard to bring our best selves forward, as individuals, as organizations, as makers of change in a world where hearts get frayed. It may be hard, but it can be fun, and it doesn’t have to be alone.

We need lots of ways to reknit ourselves if we are to walk through the world with kindness and courage. I have tools and stories that help, as an author, cartoonist, workshop facilitator, speechwriter and public speaker.

I write science fiction, fantasy, and work that yearns for better visions of our future and past. I create spaces of kindness. I create work that faces brutalities, stories that recognize pain and our messy struggles for connection. I make things that are just plain silly because we all need to let our inner shaggy sheepdog go galumph around in puddles and come dancing back with dirty paws.

It’s a balanced diet of grit and butterflies, moonbeams and rusty nails.

Would you like to feel more nourished as you make, create and re-find the spark? I’d like to send you electronic postcards – nuggets of wisdom, sketches, reflections, experiments with light and shadow, and comics. You don’t even need a stamp.

Liz and Things, words to lift you in the good times and sit with you in the bad.

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Bio: Liz Argall’s work has appeared in multiple outlets, including Uncanny Magazine, Strange Horizons, Meanjin, and Antipodes; A Global Journal of Australian/New Zealand Literature. Liz’s work has been frequently featured on the stage with the Pulp Stage Theatre Company. She contributed to multiple roleplaying games, including Geist 2nd Edition and 13th Age, and her webcomic –Thingswithout.com– regularly appears online, where it has created several ripples of joy. Liz lives in Seattle, but her heart misses the big silly birds of Australia