Conflux is over

Conflux is over

Well Conflux was fun. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but MCing with Richard Harland seemed to be warmly received. I really enjoyed all the panels that I watched or was part of. At conventions panel fatigue can set in and all you want to do is hang out at the bar, but all the panels were so captivating that the bar got neglected.

I enjoyed the company of everyone at the convention and it was lovely to feel part of such a nice community.

edit: In the late night joy of blogging I mooshed two blog posts together, I’ve removed the philosophical bit that was here and will shape it into a separate post down the track

Conflux 5 Photo links – this will be updated as further links come my way.

So far I’ve found photos at the Voyager blog

As well as Cat Sparks’ perennial fabulousness Conflux 08

A few photos as part of a blog from a wonderful convention organiser

A post that contains Gillian facing the cream pie and here’s some more speakeasy shots (and a bit of the voices launch)

The NewYork speakeasy dinner proving to be the most popular place to take photographs

An excellent selection of blogging links from another excellent convention organiser. And this selection of blogging links as well

Closing Ceremony

4 thoughts on “Conflux is over

  1. Thansk for the link to Cat’s pics – I have added to the end of the post at the Voyager blog – much more thorough! And I thought you and Richard were fab MCs – especially your introductions of the special guests at the opening ceremony!

  2. Thanks Natalie, Cat is wonderful at putting photos up so swiftly after conventions, it’s such a great reminiscence (and handy name reminder system amidst the post convention blur!).

    I’m delighted you enjoyed us, I was so nervous about stepping into such a role and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

  3. Hey Liz – it did help that the stupid hotel didn’t have the bar open most of the time. I should have started charging people for picking up all the extra coffees when I was out doing my own coffee runs to other venues.

  4. Very true, hopefully next year they will understand the importance and value of having the bar open all day.

    … you were doing coffee runs? damn, I should have taken advantage of you.

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