Thanks and further news

Thanks and further news

Thanks to all the artists who sent me info. I’ll be maintaining a list of people to contact should further opportunities arise.

Comicbook Opera is 99.9% complete, that .1% keeps dancing around and poking its tongue out at me, but I think we’re in fine shape for the premiere in January. The collaboration process has and continues to be a fascinating process and it’s given me new perspectives on how I work and what my fears are. This collaboration has been quite different to my previous collaborations and is more like a sculpture.

I keep chipping away to reveal more underneath, I feel more like an archeologist… an archaologist who has written 9 drafts so far and wants to keep chipping away. I now understand how some playwrites have been notorious for pathologically writing, rewriting and tweaking their plays… there is something about the theatrical process that brings out that urge in me and I may have to be careful lest I drive my co-collaborators insane!

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