Taken to Twitter!

Taken to Twitter!

I have now joined the twitterers. I blame Stephen Fry, he’s so intelligent and lovely and his love for it has infused me. It had been tempting me for sometime, given that lovely smart people like Liz Gorinsky and Mary Robinette Kowal Twitter. I have read enough about twitter and seen enough evidence that I know it can be a meaningful part of my day… I don’t like grabbing a social networking tool just to play the who’s got the most friends game. I am, very imaginatively http://twitter.com/lizargall

Here’s the lowdown on how I use my various social networks:
Myspace – I call it radio myspace, I don’t like the interface, I don’t like the ads, but it is the best place to collect musicians! I am hopeless at remembering the names of musicians I love, so this serves as a useful way of capturing them. By looking at who musicians I love friend I also expand my acoustic horizons and find new and interesting bands.

Facebook: A great all-rounder. My website (this post right now) is syndicated on it, my twitter account posts to it. I like the clean look, it feels nice checking in folks, gives me a good sense of connection and has an open airy feel.

Linkedin – Really helps me put my business head on, makes me think in a business-like manner and is a different sharing environment. There are interesting posts from the groups I’m in and I get to see how other people frame themselves. I don’t hang out regularly (perhaps I should), but I get stuff out of it every time I do.

LiveJournal – this website is syndicated on LJ and I have another LJ account that has been going for over nine years. It’s not a secret account, but I don’t publicise it as it is my most intimate space on the internet.

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