Travel Plans of Liz & Mikey

Travel Plans of Liz & Mikey

Hello all here are our travel plans for the next few months, not many weeks until we are flying to Portland.

Wednesday 8 April: Liz and Mikey drive to Melbourne
Sunday 12 April: Liz and Mikey drive home to Canberra
Monday 13 April: Liz has one day at the National Folk Festival
Tuesday 14 April: Mystery trip. Mikey is taking Liz somewhere, hopefully not to be left in the woods because she keeps chewing the furniture.
Monday 25 May: Liz flies down to Melbourne. She will be a panelist at the Emerging Writers Festival on the weekend of the 29th. Mikey will drive down sometime later.
Monday 8 June: Liz and Mikey fly to Los Angeles
We will stay in LA for 1 week-10 days, then fly to Portland
June 28 – August 8, 2009 – Clarion Writers Workshop.
It is likely that I will only have time to go to Comicon for 1 day.

We will also be going to Sydney sometime before we leave.
We will be hosting a farewell sometime at our place in Canberra
We will be doing a farewell type thing in Melbourne as well (we plan to take over some type of space for a day, other suggestions, plans schemes welcome).

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