Clarion by the numbers

Clarion by the numbers

Clarion Writers Workshop is over for 2009. Wow.

Going by the numbers:

  • 6 stories critiqued, 5 stories written (my first story was on day 1 and was a submission story)
  • One novel proposal, outline and first chapter written and critiqued
  • 30 pounds of paper brought home containing those critiques
  • Critiquing many many stories, I want to get a full count of stories, pages and words, I shall ask
  • Including naps in the afternoon I averaged 5 hours sleep a night/day over 6 weeks
  • Living with 17 other people intensely creating for 6 weeks
  • 6 amazing teachers
  • One incredible experience

People writing descriptively about it:

Clarion is seriously good stuff for any writer, and given the close relationship between genre fiction and comics I particularly recommend that comics writers get their short story writing hats on and go for this experience as well. I’m excited by how this short story workshop can enrich comics as a form.

Goodnight all.

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