World Fantasy Con 09

World Fantasy Con 09

Hello all. Life has been a bit crazy the past few months. I’ve just finished a whole bunch of educational comics work, comics about staying out of jail, community sector careers and drugs (mostly alcohol and cigarettes). I’ve just come back from World Fantasy Con, which was magnificent.

Cat Sparks captured many fine moments at WFC, and through the power of google I found a Flickr group dedicated to WFC09.

Right now I’m in an interesting liminal space, exploring new opportunities and deciding what gets priority. I probably won’t have any more educational comics work until next year, which means I am free to explore… and free to eat ramen. It is exciting none the less, there are a few opportunities to chase that excite me, there are short stories to edit and actually send to publishers, novels to explore and creative things as yet unthought of. There is also slush to read and books I promised to judge.

Life is full, yet open, I feel blessed by the people around me and 2 weeks ago I got to be a mermaid. I’m sorry to be so tedious and happy, I shall try to have something juicy and horrible happen (but not too horrible). I injure myself with enough frequency that I am sure something will come up and I shall remember to chronicle it (I fell up the stairs three times in the last month in a splat owie flat on my face kind of way).

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