Out of this world, sprawling and moving

Out of this world, sprawling and moving

Publishing News update

Maia Blue is Going Home, one of my favourite short stories has found a place to call its own. She’ll be finding print in the Anywhere But Earth Anthology, by Coeur du Lion in late 2011.

Seed Dreams, a short comic magnificently brought to life by Matt Hyunh, will be republished in Sprawl Anthology by 12th Planet Press.

Moving and Traveling

M and I are moving to Seattle! This weekend! Work takes us there and while we are sad to be leaving Portland it’s good to know that I work (working with fabulous people like PlayWrite and Blue Mouse Monkey Design) will take me back to Stumptown regularly. On the down side I have a bit of a crazy travel schedule, popping up and down like a cork. We hope to have a farewell of some sort in Portland soon.

I will also be attending Readercon this year, and fully intend to go to World Fantasy Con (I just need to sort out the logistics). Sadly I shall have to turn in my badge for Comicon in San Diego this year and will not be attending. Living in St Johns in Portland without a car has taught me ‘lite working on public transport skills that I plan to use to their full extent as my travel schedule heats up.

Happy travels all!


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