Posting every day – elsewhere

Posting every day – elsewhere

Just after I announced I’d post every day during the write-a-thon I found out that we have a special place on the internet for sponsors. To support the worthy cause I’ll be posting updates on a sponsor and writer only forum. Donate $1 or more to anyone and you will get access.

You can sponsor me – hint hint, nudge nudge.

3 thoughts on “Posting every day – elsewhere

  1. I meant to from the start, but hate mucking about with credit cards online, so put it off. Then this morning I was on Mt Ainslie, and I had a moment of pure loneliness, and out of the blue, quite randomly came the thought “I can’t do this without Liz!”

    Then I remembered I don’t actually have to, by making your words part of my life, I can bridge the distance a little. :)

    Anyway, I’ve donated. Buggered if I know how that allows me to read stuff, but I’ll figure that out. :D

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