Norwescon Panels – craft, feminism, the urban fantastic & Patricia McKillip

Norwescon Panels – craft, feminism, the urban fantastic & Patricia McKillip

I’ll be on a range of panels at Norwescon. This will be my first time on the other side of the table since coming to America! If you have any questions for Patricia McKillip or stuff you would love to see covered/mentioned in the other panels please let me know. My brain is hungrily exploring what would be the most interesting questions & discussions for panelists and audiences.

My Norwescon Schedule

Thursday 9pm Cascade 8 Fantastic Fantasy Females

Is fantasy the new vanguard of feminist politics? Fantasy authors discuss the role of gender issues in their work.
Jean Johnson, Liz Argall, Kim Ritchie, J A Pitts, Julie McGalliard

Friday 9am Cascade 5&6 Can’t -Put-it-Down Pacing
What distinguishes the book you can’t put down from an interesting character story or a stylistic triumph? How do they do that?

Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Liz Argall, G. David Nordley

Friday 1pm Evergreen 1&2 The Fiction of Patricia K. McKillip
Patricia McKillip is approaching the fortieth anniversary of her first novel, and she just keeps getting better. Often cited as one of the best living writers of fantasy, her work is complex, lyrical, and enchanting. We’ll discuss Pat’s legacy (well over 30 books and counting) and take this opportunity to ask her questions about her work. Pat’s awards include the Mythopoeic Award in 1995, the World Fantasy Award in 1975 and 2003, and the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 2008.

Patricia K. McKillip, Leslie Howle, Kris Millering, Liz Argall

Saturday 2pm Evergreen 3&4 Writers Workshops from Local to national
Writers who have participated in both local and national workshops like Clarion West, Writers of the Future, Fantastic Fiction, and more will share their experience and answer your questions.

Eileen Gunn, K.C. Ball, Liz Argall, Keffy R. M. Kehrli, Patrick Swenson, Leslie Howle

Sunday 3pm Cascade 10 The Psychology of Urban Fantasy
If Dracula and Frankenstein were commentaries on the fears and desires of the time when they were written, how does Urban Fantasy reflect the modern world? Is Urban Fantasy a worldview that frightens us or is it one that we wish were
true? Should you write your story with this in mind?

Mark Teppo, Kat Richardson, Kurt Cagle, Liz Argall

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