Operation Horrific Miscue Christmas Party a success

Operation Horrific Miscue Christmas Party a success

Erik seriously considers which present to open

Horrific Miscue are a writing critique group I’ve been part of for a few years now. Where has the time gone?  Tonight Mike and I had the pleasure of hosting the Christmas Party and present battle.

I tried taking more photos, but you can see why I gave up.

It was delicious and fun – so nice to see people having a good time. I like to be of service.

The stealing presents game was unusually civilized. I think we all wanted to open presents rather than grab from the known. I stole a watch that I’m going to wear as a choker. Mike scored Star Wars Lego, and no one took it from him!

People brought so much food! It all tasted good and we hardly made a dent in most things!

I made:

  • orzo pasta salad with tomato, artichoke, olives and fetta
  • three kinds of dukkah
  • black bean dip
  • And Mike made red lentil daal with rice and plied our guests with cocktails.

    I’m glad we started early, for now I must to bed. Tomorrow morning I need to be out of the house early to be in PFM’s Roller Derby Scrimmage.

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    1. Also, I people brought so many cookies. I don’t think I have ever lived with so many cookies! Our cookie tin overfloweth… literally.

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