Mermaid’s Hook into your ear

Mermaid’s Hook into your ear

Mermaid’s Hook is now live at Podcastle! Woohoo!

A magnificent introduction by Ann Leckie, a dreamy reading by Julia Rios plus some lovely end notes by Dave Thompson. Kinda funny, but I think I needed to hear my own words today (even if loving and caring can be a painful thing).

It’s rated R, for disturbing imagery. I hadn’t expected an R rating!  I feel mildly chuffed – also a bit weird, ’cause I can easily imagine studying a story like this in primary school! Thanks Leslie, thanks AME. I’m sure studying marine biology from a young age helped me write this story.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for bringing it to the world of audio, PodCastle.


If this image puzzles you, you might find my post about writing this story useful

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