My Orycon Program

My Orycon Program

I’ll be at OryCon 37 November 20-22 in Portland, Oregon.

Fri Nov 20 12:30:pm
Fri Nov 20 1:00:pm
Liz Argall Reading

Liz Argall presents stories, poetry and song from the Antipodes.

Liz Argall


Fri Nov 20 5:00:pm
Fri Nov 20 6:00:pm
Science Fiction as a Tool for Social Change

Many writers have put their ideals into their writing. Some have even tried to get people to follow those ideals.

A.M. Brosius, Andrew Ross, Stacy Spangler, Liz Argall


Sat Nov 21 5:00:pm
Sat Nov 21 6:00:pm
We Can’t Talk to Flipper, so How Can We Talk to Aliens?

The real problems of inter-species communications, and things we might be able to do to deal with them. Universal translator? Let’s start with *a* translator.

Kal Cobalt, Bob Kanefsky, (*)Liz Argall, Howard Davidson


Sat Nov 21 6:00:pm
Sat Nov 21 7:00:pm
Salon A
A Touch of Farmer, a Pinch of LeGuin

Panelists discuss their biggest influences and what books have changed the recent landscape in SF/F/H literature.

(*)Cat Rambo, Stoney Compton, Claude Lalumière, Liz Argall, James Patrick Kelly


Sun Nov 22 11:00:am
Sun Nov 22 12:00:pm
What is cognition?

A look at the impact of modern neuroscience and psychology on our understanding of understanding

(*)Mir Plemmons , Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Donna McMahon, Manny Frishberg, Liz Argall


Sun Nov 22 1:00:pm
Sun Nov 22 2:00:pm
Graphic Novels and Comics as Literature

What is noteworthy in the unique storytelling found in graphic novels? Are books really more literary, when they’re not illustrated?

Rob McMonigal, Chris Roberson, Wolfcat, Liz Argall


Sun Nov 22 2:00:pm
Sun Nov 22 3:00:pm
Solo or team; what’s the best way to create comics?

Who writes, who does the art, who does the color–teamwork or one-man show? Who assembles the team if there’s going to be one? What comes first, the chicken or the egg, and who looks for it.

Katie Lane, Jake Richmond, Liz Argall

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