Fun for a good cause

Fun for a good cause

The Things want everyone to be happy and healthy, to know love, safety, and security.

That’s why they are truly honored to be part of Rachel Swirsky’s bottomly fundraiser, raising funds for Lyon-Martin Women’s Health Services. Lyon-Martin focuses on caring for the LGBTQIAA community, especially low-income lesbian, bisexual, and trans people. Any Patreon money she receives this month will go directly to Lyon-Martin. She currently has over $400 pledged, if she gets to $500 the THINGS will do a comic about bottoms – tricky when they have don’t have legs!

  • At $500,  cartoonist Liz Argall — creator of the Things Without Arms and Without Legs — will do an original comic on the topic of butts. Check out her work here:
  • At $600, Rachel Swirsky and several AWESOME authors will write a short story together about dinosaurs.
  • At $700, puppeteer, audio book narrator, and all around awesome person Mary Robinette Kowal will record the audio version of “If You Were a Butt, My Butt” in her professional studio–and she will be amazing. Here she is reading some tweets by John Scalzi. Erotically.
  • $800 – ??? whatever it will be it will be amazing

Click here to donate, it lists everything as a monthly option, because it is a Patreon page, but it’s easy peasy to cancel after initial payment if you want to donate to Lyon-Martin only (Rachel totally supports folks doing that :-)

Go here to find out more about the project.

It’s a great cause, and should be great fun. Share, donate, create, celebrate, let’s keep bringing the awesome :-)


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