More webcomics for you

More webcomics for you

I’ve been creating a lot more comics over at

I decided that it was important to have kind, all ages stuff that engages with our current pandemic. It’s confronting, sometimes, to have such dear sweet characters go through the pandemic with us, but that felt the most emotionally honest thing to do.

There are a lots of dear sweet kids (and dear sweet grownups) going through this and I think it’s important for them to keep us company. There is part of me, of course, that would like to protect them from all the bad things in the world, but a pandemic is a pandemic. That said, this will still absolutely be an all ages comic. The characters might go through tough or lonely times, but it’s still the magical world of the Things, even (or maybe even more so) when there’s a pandemic.

I’ve also published an autobiographical comic about living in Seattle in the time of COVID-19 with Short Run.

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