10 Minute Confessional Debut, Tuesday June 22

10 Minute Confessional Debut, Tuesday June 22

I’ve been working on a new play with the Pulp Stage. It’s been quite exciting to workshop new material with them. I have several plays performed by the Pulp Stage, but I’ve never written a play with them before. The process has been unlike any other workshop or critique group I’ve done! I’ve enjoyed how much 10 Minute Confessional has improved thanks to everyone in the workshop.


Tuesday, June 22
5:30 pm, Pacific
Directed by Bobby Bermea

New short works by
Liz Argall
Jonathon Benjamin
Sharece Sellem

RSVP access only through Zoom.
To get the link, shoot the Pulp Stage an email pulpstagematt@gmail.com
Three playwrights from across the country present new short works that have gone through Way of Pulp Stage: No visuals, fierce dialogue, maximum stakes, maximum ease to follow, maximum passion… and of course, heightened subject matter.

Some challenges make
The bravest ones run
But not our fierce scribes
So let’s have some fun!

This presentation contains some expletives as well as themes of murder, emotionally abusive systems, the World War II holocaust, and the Devil. It is best suited for audiences age 13 and up.

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