At Clarion, in the USA and loving it

Life has been an amazing and frantic. Since last I wrote I’ve reached the United States unpacked in a big rush in Portland (turning a rather nice basement into a cosy home) and then zoomed down to San Diego.

I’m in the third week of Clarion Writer’s Workshop, the bees knees of creative development. I’m working with really talented people to make our work shine and it is just fantastic. Week 1 was Holly Black (of Spiderwick Chronicles fame), week 2 Larissa Lai (When Fox is a Thousand & Saltfish Girl) and we’ve just started working with Robert Crais (Elvis Cole novels fame, crime/mystery books and used to write for top TV shows).

Robert Crais is a Clarion graduate, as is Kim Stanley Robinson who will be teaching us next week.

Sleeping 5 hours a night, working like a dog and loving it. Must dash, I’m starving and class starts at 8am.

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