Steampunk Reloaded II – comics reprinting opportunity

Steampunk Reloaded II – comics reprinting opportunity

Ann and Jeff VanderMeer are editing their second Steampunk anthology, Steampunk Reloaded II… and… I’ve just checked in with them, they love the idea of including comics.

So here it is short and sweet:

  • They only accept reprints
  • Reading period is December 15, 2009, and February 15, 2010
  • Their definition of Steampunk is broad (if in doubt send it in)
  • Go to Jeff VanderMeer’s website for further info
  • Payment will be on publication as an advance against royalties
  • Publication in fall 2010 by Tachyon Publication

Please pass it on to other comic creators. Lets put on a good showing and get our comics to exciting new audiences (and in… bookstores!)

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