Oh no melon! my glasses broke

Oh no melon! my glasses broke

I got out of the shower this morning, I polished my glasses and they snapped in half. Oh no!

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I don’t think I have spare glasses and shall subsist for a time with my specs stuck together with tape.

I am considering shopping online for my new specs given I have a recent prescription. Any recommendations for online or Portland, OR places to get glasses?

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  1. I got my newest two pairs of glasses at Penney’s. They are always having sales, and in addition to the advertised sale, they have other offers going on as well. Their prices are also a lot cheaper than most places.

    The one problem for you is that they took four weeks to make my new glasses, and you need yours right away. (However, mine always take a long time because my prescription is so strong and because I have progressive lenses.)

    I was pleased with the quality of the service and of the final glasses, and I thought the selection was satisfactory for my goal of getting something more fashionable at a cheap price.

  2. I’ve been very happy with Hawthorne Vision Center, a full-service opthamologist/optician, which is right down the street from my house. Reynolds Optical, also on Hawthorne, is also good and often has sales on frames.

  3. I got a couple pairs from zenni optical online. If you’ve got your Rx info you can order pairs as cheap as $19 (last time I looked), which includes the lenses. They ship pretty quick and they’ve got a pretty wide selection. I’m super happy with my two pairs (one regular, one prescription sunglasses).


  4. Thanks Kelly, they are seriously tempting. I am not kind to my glasses, so a couple of different pairs sounds quite nice (although it will probably make it easier for me to lose them).

    Oh my heavens I might become all fashionable and have different pairs for different occasions.

  5. The idea of being a golem makes me feel all fluttery inside :)

    PS have you thought about having R-S as your last name for publishing? sounds very SF

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