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So I’ve written a bit about what I’m doing (and even more over on Objects of Love). What I haven’t mentioned here are the amazing things other people are doing. Here are just a few I know about. Some of these people I already know IRL. Some are people I have stumbled across through their writer pages. There are many other people doing creative things (and feel free to mention yourself in comments, with so many terrific people worthy of love I might have missed you) – here’s a small sampling of my faves.

Unusual creative outlets:

  • Kari Maaren (in addition to editing her novel) will post a fresh comic strip every day for 2 weeks for every $200 she raises. She even has a thermometer to track how much she earns (go on, tip her over the edge!)
  • Kelly Lagor will write a song about anything you want for $20 and if she gets to $400 all sponsors get an album.

Writer craft – creator community

  • Dallas Taylor (Clarion Grad 2010) has several options, including a 2000 word story about how awesome you are. (and his sponsorship page has him looking pretty smooth sitting next to a certain Mr Martin)
  • Adam Israel (Clarion Grad 2010) has several options on a sliding price scale – from intimate secrets through to tuckerization (your name in fiction!) or inspiring an entire story.
  • Ferret Steinmetz (Clarion Grad 2008)- is building an online creative community again at Clarion Echo. It’s not to late to join (all you have to do is sponsor him), you can be part of his fermented brain meats, maybe even have a story critiqued.
  • Vicoria Greisdoon – is offering everything from a mention in an e-book through to going in the draw to win THE iPad2.
  • William Alexander (Clarion 2006) – will write you poetry

These folks are doing cool things, but I should add, some people (like me) love this kind of incentive and challenge. Other creators don’t get a buzz out of this kind of thing. Everyone who does stuff in the write-a-thon, everyone who stretches themselves, explores creative paths or knuckles down is doing very cool stuff.

And every time you send a dollar to a creator, tied to a specific project or showing support, you supporting the arts, you are making writers feel loved and you rock.

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