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Last updated 2 July 2015

An organically growing collection of blog posts, journals and interviews by people who have attended Clarion. To be included the posts must be specifically about the Clarion experience.

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This a lot of information, so you may wish to start with Storyteller: Writing Lessons and More from 27 Years of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop written by Clarion co-founder Kate Wilhelm.

Direct links to journal entries (or tagged collections of entries)

New Tamara Vardomskaya, Clarion 2014

5 Things I Learned at Clarion/Clarion West

  • Andy Romine writes a full journal entry for each thing he learned.
  • Part 1 – Grá Linnaea, Jim Kelly, Ken Schneyer, Megan Kurashige, Paul M Berger
  • Part 2 – Adam Israel, Damien Walter, Dana Huber,Ferrett Steinmetz, Kat Howard, Liz Argall, Stefani Nellen, Tim Pratt
  • Part 3 – Collin Piprell, Edd Vick, John Walters,Nicole Taylor, Philip Brewer, Sue Burke
  • Part 4 – Emily Jiang, Matt London, Monica Byrne

Clarion 2014 

Adventures in SciFi Publishing – Clarion 2008

Alumni Interviews on, by Matt London

Tiffani Angus – Clarion 2009

Frank Ard – Clarion West 2010

Liz Argall –  Clarion 2009

Mishell Baker – Clarion 2009

Lee Batersby hosts guest blogs and other juicy Clarion things – Clarion South 2009

Folly Blaine – Clarion West 2014

Gregory Norman Bossert – Clarion 2010

Alessio Bresciani – Clarion South

Keyan Bowes – Clarion 2007

Philip Brewer – Clarion 2001

Michael A. Burstein – Clarion 1994

Martin Cahill – Clarion 2014

Curtis C. Chen – Clarion West 2014

John Chu – Clarion 2010

 Vida Cruz – Clarion 2014

Aidan Doyle – Clarion South

Linda J Dunn – Clarion 2000

The Ferret – Clarion

Eugene Fischer – Clarion 2008

A.J. Fitzwater – Clarion 2014

Peta Freestone – Clarion 2011

  • Excellent advice for anyone preparing for Clarion or an intensive residential writers workshop

Neile Graham – Clarion West 1996

Gavin J Grant – Clarion 2000

James Wallace Harris – Clarion West 2002

Random Jane – Clarion West 2005

Artemis Jones – Clarion West 2002

Alex Kane – Clarion West 2013

Babel Krieg – Clarion West 2008

Jordan Lapp – Clarion West 2009

Geoffrey A. Landis – Clarion 1985

David Levine – Clarion West 2000

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz – Clarion West 2009

Douglas Lucas – Clarion West 2008

Carmen Maria Machado – Clarion 2012

Haralambi Markov – Clarion 2014

Maura McHugh – Clarion West 2006

  • Maura’s posts tagged Clarion – go back a few pages if you want to read stuff written in the moment (though often reflections afterwards have interesting digestions).

Suzy McKee Charnas – A tutor’s perspective

Sam J Miller – Clarion 2012

  • Sam has collected an epic number of quotes. Writing advice, industry advice, shenanigan advice. These quotes came from the following brilliant writers:

Ted ChiangJohn ScalziDelia ShermanHolly BlackCassandra ClareVernor Vinge,Walter Jon WilliamsJeffrey FordGreg Van EekhoutDoselle YoungKaren Jay FowlerShelley StreebyCindy Pon,Carmen Machado, Chris Kammerud, Lisa Bolekaja, Ruby Obeyeskere, E.G. Cosh, Eliza Blair, Sadie Mattox, Joseph Kim, Sarah Mack, Deborah Bailey, Daniel McMinn, Jonathan Fortin, Lara Donnelly, Danica Cummins, Luke Pebler, Pierre Liebenberg, Eric Esser, and Sam J. Miller.

Steve Mitchell, Clarion South 2009

Cathy Morrison – Clarion 2003

  • Clarion Journal. Nicely structured so you can see which instructor her brain-meats are about to be inspired by.

Val Nolan – Clarion ’09

E. Jay O’Connell & Michael Belfiore – Clarion West 1994

Kari O’Connor – Clarion 2007

John Remy and Andy Romine  – Clarion West 2010

John Remy – Clarion West 2010

Pamela Rentz – Clarion West 2008

Shauna Roberts – Clarion 2009

Andy Romine – Clarion West 2010

Ben Rosenbaum – Clarion West

Allan Rousselle – Clarion West 2001

Rudy Rucker – Clarion West 2009

Ken Schneyer – Clarion 2009

John Schoffstall – Clarion West 2004

Wendy A. Shaffer – Clarion West 2002

William Shunn – Clarion 1985

Angela Slatter – Clarion South

Clarion South on – an overview

Clarion South on WordPress, including interviews with tutors on the process.

Clarion South Collective of 2007

and the achievements of the 2007 class over the last two years

Clarion South Two years on

Jasmine Stairs – Clarion 2011

Dallas Taylor – Clarion 2010

Tom Undeberg – Clarion 2010

Michael Underwood – Clarion West ’07

Jeff VanderMeer, Clarion South 2009

Marlee Jane Ward – Clarion West 2014

Kira Walsh – Clarion West 2013

Tracie Welser – Clarion West 2010

Kayla Whaley – Clarion 2014

Alex Wilson – Clarion 2006

Marian Womack – Clarion 2014

Isabel Yap – Clarion 2013

Caroline M. Yoachim – Clarion West 2006


Clarion related and more alumni

Tina Connolly maintains a lot of knowledge love and linkage love for Clarion West, her year and other years

General blogs and linkage love for Clarion class of 2006

Blog links for Clarion West class of 2006

David Barr Kirtley – After Clarion

The Clarion Actual

The Clarion Foundation, & Clarion (San Diego, USA)

Clarion West (Seattle, USA)

Clarion South (????, Australia) – on hiatus indefinitely until they find an affordable venue. If you know somewhere that might be suitable for hosting a 6 week residential workshop please contact the organizers.

And down below, that’s my Clarion – 2009, San Diego

Clarion, San Diego, 2009

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