Shoalhaven elections 2008

Shoalhaven elections 2008

I have been sidetracked in the writing game by the Shoalhaven Council elections, my Dad being an agent of change as always. We went down to the coast to help out on election day, it was a hot day and in places difficult, but it was important to be part of. Most people handing out flyers, on all sides of politics, were lovely and towards the end we were all very chatty and in places silly. I must say that some people, particularly in Mayor Watson’s camp, generated quite a bit of nastyness and there is nothing more annoying than people who play dirty pool accusing others of cheating. But cheerfulness and community won out on the whole.

The votes are still being counted, but political map has changed in Shoalhaven, as the local newspaper attests, and hopefully will change more. The future is tricky, but the future is open. Best wishes to all the councillors and new mayor, may they have open ears, honest dealings and good governance. Best wishes to the citizens of Shoalhaven in creating communities and cultures of change.

It was wonderful to chat to a woman at the polling booth who said that after hearing my father’s words she cast off her apathy (which feels like a survival skin sometimes) and decided that her voice and her vote are important. She felt that yes she could have the energy, the power, to pay attention and care. I hope she and many others hold onto that, she’s important, people are important, their voices are important.

Here’s to communities and cultures of empowerment and change.

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