The excitement of google + Scott McCloud => new comics

The excitement of google + Scott McCloud => new comics

Google will be releasing a web browser that looks really good.

And what’s really exciting for me is that they’ve used comics to explain what the new browser does and how it is different to other browsers. It’s a brilliant example of how comics can be used to educate and break down complex concepts in an entertaining way. Hurray for comics stimulating more parts of the brain than simple text and also making the brain slow down and chew the concepts.

In my comics essay (love letter) coming out in Meanjin in December I talk about comics having the ability to be a slow food movement for the brain. This comic is a perfect example of making it pleasurable for people to take the time to understand things… I know my understanding of web browsers in general has increased as well as having an unexpected depth of understanding about a new google product.

Scott McCloud was the perfect creator for this kind of comic and it’s exciting to see this kind of partnership, his vigorous and thoughtful exploration of ideas makes it an excellent match

Check out the Google Chrome Scott McCloud comic.

It’s all very exciting.

3 thoughts on “The excitement of google + Scott McCloud => new comics

  1. Hi Liz, you human being you!

    Your comments re comics being used by Google to convey serious messages reminds me of a friend/colleague I met on a course in Thailand last year. Very interesting chap, uses comics to convey messages about sustainability – check out their wesbite: – they are based in Malaysia…

  2. Thanks Duncan, good to see you again. The website looks interesting, it’s exciting to see a diversity of stuff get out there.

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