And in other news

And in other news

And in other news I’m writing and doing all sorts of things while waiting for our flight. Update of our adventures by the numbers:

  • 15 minutes until we board our plane for Los Angeles
  • 45 minutes until the plane takes off (nominally)
  • 10am Monday we leave Australia, we travel for 14 hours and arrive 7.30am Monday. Ah the joys of time travel.
  • 7 days in Los Angeles
  • 10 days in Portland
  • then 6 weeks at Clarion
  • 1-14 days amount of time I need to have my ankle in a brace. Given my physiotherapist will be on another continent I’m going to go for the conservative end of things.
  • ?????? amount of time we will live in America.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in. We’re going, we’re on our way. I am so full of enthusiasm and excitement. We are in a state of becoming.

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