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And in other news

And in other news

And in other news I’m writing and doing all sorts of things while waiting for our flight. Update of our adventures by the numbers:

  • 15 minutes until we board our plane for Los Angeles
  • 45 minutes until the plane takes off (nominally)
  • 10am Monday we leave Australia, we travel for 14 hours and arrive 7.30am Monday. Ah the joys of time travel.
  • 7 days in Los Angeles
  • 10 days in Portland
  • then 6 weeks at Clarion
  • 1-14 days amount of time I need to have my ankle in a brace. Given my physiotherapist will be on another continent I’m going to go for the conservative end of things.
  • ?????? amount of time we will live in America.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in. We’re going, we’re on our way. I am so full of enthusiasm and excitement. We are in a state of becoming.

Numbers, Ankles and Visas

Numbers, Ankles and Visas

It’s been a full few weeks. Here’s a little by the numbers.

  • 6 whole days until I leave Canberra
  • 4 whole days to pack up most of the house and prepare an awesome farewell
  • 3 torn ligaments in my right ankle
  • 3 visits to the physiotherapist and 1 ankle brace
  • 1 set of x-rays showing no bones broken
  • 2 Visas, one for Mike(y), one for me. America here we come!
  • 1 night of rockband, singstar and pata pata pata pon until 3am with friends
  • 1 night of Eurovision and friends
  • boundless, the sensation of blessedness around the good people I have in my life.

And here’s a picture of my bruised ankle from a few days ago. Since then the migration of bruising to my toes has contined in a black textured manner, the swelling has gone down further and the bruising over the ankle has faded. This happened shortly after my last post on accident prone lizness… the pen really is mightier than the sword. Owwww!

Lizs purple bruised ankle
Liz's purple bruised ankle

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Wow, back from America and STUFF is happening

Wow, back from America and STUFF is happening

I’m back from America and it was a complete blast. I had an amazing time and met lots of amazing creators. A big shout out to all the folks back in the US of A and a shout out for all the folks back home that kept me sane and happy. You can see ramblings about my America experience on my YouTube account .

One of the side benefits of recording myself on YouTube (and warning the stuff there is pretty dorky) is that it gave me the confidence to start recording my music. It’s nothing fancy, pretty terrible sounding in fact, but I’m open to hearing myself now and learning how to make myself better for recording (a bit of technology might help there too). I’ve written 20 songs, and I’ve just finished getting rough grabs of most of them on garageband and started recording them again. It’s interesting to see how the sound evolves.

I’m hard at work on a musical for the Young Music Society summerschool production, workin with Michael Sollis. It’s really interesting to see how the collaboration process develops, the musical is slowly but surely getting there, every day shows progress and every meeting brings about changes for the better. Hopefully it will rock, it’s our first creation together, but it should be fun.

Freelance work at Inception Strategies is good with a steady flow of work keeping creditors at bay and I learn something from every project I do.

Hopefully I will have some good news on The Long Road, my gritty urban fantasy soon.

AND most importantly, I just saw Pablo Latona at his fabulous installation in Civic. Watch the live feed or go there in person, you have until noon saturday (Australian EST), watch it for it is mighty.

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