Comikaze this weekend – 24 hour comics challenge

Comikaze this weekend – 24 hour comics challenge

Make comics. Make comics fast. Make comics with good company (virtual or there may be physical outposts in your area). Make comics with people encouraging you every step of the way, with inspiring artwork and stories popping up around you and people laughing, going mad with sugar rushes, not sleeping or having a nice nap.

Make a comic over 8 pages and be eligible for prizes (people’s choice, probably only Aussie residents for prizes).

Make a comic 24 pages or over and be eligible for a Nintendo Wii Console plus 3 games (Judge’s choice).

Make comics this Queens Birthday long weekend.

Going off previous years there will be people participating that have never made comics before and there will be seasoned veterans…. I won’t be making comics, I get to look at them later as one of the judges and I can tell you now everyone who gives it a go is awesome, rockin’ and has my admiration.

Go to the Comicaze Website , register, participate and have an amazing time.

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