Clarion 2010

Clarion 2010

The instructors for Clarion and Clarion West have been announced.

Clarion will have the pleasure of:

Jeff and Ann VanderMeer will be the bring it home team for the last two weeks. I’ve just finished reading Delany’s essay on Clarion, I’m so excited for next year.

Clarion West will have the pleasure of:

Clarion West doesn’t do the two week bring it home thing, but still looks freaking awesome.

Oh, how I wish it was possible to do Clarion more than once, I want to do them all. I shall just have to work really really hard and hope, twenty years from now, that I can be an instructor.

Applications for Clarion opens in January, applications for Clarion West open in December. They both run for six weeks, starting in June. I highly recommend it to writers who are serious about story and developing themselves (I know a couple of people who came to Clarion to find out if they were/could be ‘writers’ who have had beneficial experiences). The process of applying in itself is valuable and if you get in… well you’ll have one hell of a ride.

5 thoughts on “Clarion 2010

  1. I know what you mean Shauna, I struggle sometimes to curb my enthusiasm and not sound like a glazed evangelist (all things in moderation).

    And Ken, sure I’d want to do it again! and I would love to get married again, as long as I could get married to the same person. I think I have the experience now to make it extra awesome and not freak out as much.

    Just call me a lazy adrenaline junky, how could going through that kind of pain again not be awesome? but you’re right it would lose its zing after a while, I’ll just have to find something bigger than Clarion to jump off…

  2. Hi Liz-
    I hate to be a lurker, but I started reading your blog when they posted it on the Clarion website (One day, maybe I’ll be a future Clarion grad, too) and I wanted to thank you for pointing me towards Delany’s essay on Clarion. I went to the library and checked out About Writing and read that essay first, then the rest of them, then everything else until I was panting for more. I can almost feel the creative bits of my brain restructuring (which is of course coupled to the growing sense of inadequacy in the face of so much wisdom and the knowledge that there’s so much left for me to learn).

    Thanks again and good luck with your writing – I’ll be lurking here in the background rooting for you :)

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