Conflux 6 Virtual Mini-Con

Conflux 6 Virtual Mini-Con

As I mentioned a very long time ago, I’m a guest panelist at the Conflux Virtual Mini-Con. Conflux is a wonderful Speculative Fiction Convention held in Canberra, Australia every year in October. I’ve had a wonderful time every time, with top notch panels, interesting workshops and lovely people.

The panel will be starting in a few hours (Sunday 30 August for folks in Australia, Saturday 29 August for folks in the US) and will be archived. I’ve ‘been’ to a few virtual festivals (although this is the first time I will be guesting) and have been surprised at how much I have learned either during the festival or after the festival has officially ended. So check it out, either soonish, participate in real time and ask squirly questions, or check it out later and see what gems of knowledge have been casually dropped. Conflux Virtual Mini-Con coming to the interwebs near you, wherever you are.

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