Ignite Portland, plus a bit of roller derby.

Ignite Portland, plus a bit of roller derby.

Speaking at Ignite Portland was a blast. It was scary and interesting and challenging and filled me with a manic kind of energy.

You can see my talk here

and you can see the full list of talks here.

All these videos are brought to you by the fabulous folks at Blaze Streaming Media who do cool things like livestream and then archive Roller Derby Bouts for Portland’s Rose City Rollers. If you’ve ever been curious about roller derby I think these are the best videos of it I’ve seen around and every bout they work to make it better.

Mike has been helping out as a camera man (so you’ll see some of his camera work on some of the videos) and he is now an Assistant Coach for Portland’s roller gals. It’s nice to see him skating around (he was speed skater) and I am very proud of him.

2 thoughts on “Ignite Portland, plus a bit of roller derby.

  1. yayay! What a well used five minutes on a topic that all writers face at some point or another. I like your strategies for overcoming the block, especially the appropriately sized rewards – mom always said you get more flies with honey than with vinegar:-)

    But mostly, it takes lots of guts to give a talk in front of an audience. Kudos to you!

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