New York

New York

I’ll be attending New York Comicon!

Ah New York, place of dreams.

One of my clients, Inception Strategies, has a booth and I’ll be doing portfolio reviews. Inception Strategies has been going through a few changes in recent times with new people coming on to the editorial team and working on more projects than ever.

IS is looking for tight pencillers and colourists. Inception Strategies has a few specific needs because funding comes from the Australian government and most of our stories are created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and if you’re interested in working with IS it’d be great to drop by. I’ve just found out I’ll be staying at a hotel around Wall Street. I’m not sure what that means, but hopefully the subway runs late or the walk isn’t too far!

I’ll be heading up a week early to say g’day to the fantastic people of NY (hello, hello, it’ll be so good to see you again) and explore this mysterious creature in the East. It is of course very exciting and would like to eat my way from one side of New York to the other.

In other news, I burnt my lunch mochi.

I love mochi

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