The year in numbers

The year in numbers

Novel words written: 76,000

Social Message comics worked on: 12

Number of Clients: 4

Stories I edited/refined for submission: 13 (I think)

Utterly new stories completed: 5

Submissions Sent: 76

Acceptances: 6 (Including 1 reprint and on Maxima Vrugleplex becoming a play)

Awaiting Response: 8

Stories Published: 2 (1 reprint)

Super Secret Project Proposals sent: 1

Super Secret Project Proposals accepted: 1

Super Secret Project Proposal outline & chapters: 6,000

Graphic Novel submissions: 1

Cities lived in: 2

Visas: 2


Stories Critiqued: 50+

Stories Slushed: 100+

Conventions Attended: New York Comicon, World Fantasy Con, Steamcon, Locus Awards, Stumptown, PAX, Emerald City Comicon, Potlatch… were there others? I can’t recall!

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  1. Thanks Sandra – fingers crossed this years numbers will have Novel submissions as a number… takes a deep breath.

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