Poetry sale and Write-a-Thon wrap up

Poetry sale and Write-a-Thon wrap up

Cover Art for Apex Issue 40 - nominee for 2012 Hugo Award for Best SemiProzine
This is what Apex looks like. Nom nom nom.

Great news! Apex will be publishing my poem Casanova Clay, probably in late 2013. Casanova Clay started as a piece of twitter fiction (lovingly rejected because the story needed to be bigger) and then slowly grew over the years. He got me back into writing poetry. I love Casanova and its nice to know others like him too.

Clarion Write-a-Thon wrap up! Yes it has been some time. Through the power of giving $6.50 (on top of what I donated to other writers) I just managed to meet my target of $400. I don’t know if that’s cheating or not, but I’m so happy to hit that $400 target. That target seemed crazy ambitious, but together we did it. I really appreciate everyone’s support, financial, emotional, by double dog daring me or being amazing and inspiring me to increase my efforts.

A big shoutout of love to my sponsors

For you I wrote words, made comics, finished a love song and worked on the compost that tasty creative vegetables come from.

There is work still to be done. I challenged folks and accepted mad challenges at the last minute. By the next write a thon I must write a love song to a baked good aaaaand….

In the last few days of the write-a-thon I said that for every new dollar I raised I would draw a Things Without Arms and Without Legs comic. And that’s why I need to draw 111 Things Without Arms and Without Legs comics. I created 19 Things comics during the write-a-thon, so there will be at least 130 Things Without Arms and Without Legs comics in the world.

$111 dollars? $1 a comic? Was I mad? Quite probably, yes. Thank you for keeping the pressure on, it’s a good kind of squeezing.

We are now up to Things comic number 34, hooray! Comic 34 feels more reassuring than 15 of 111!

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