Last day of the Write-a-thon

Last day of the Write-a-thon

Today is the last day of the Write-a-thon. I’m thrilled by how this process has given me permission to make a bevy of Things Without Arms and Without Legs, write words, think about process and finish a promise made last year.

Last Days Offer:
If all my pledges come in I am only $50 away from my goal of $400! Yay! So for this last day new sponsorship will guarantee a new Things Without Arms and Without Legs comic. $1 guarantees 1 comic, $50 means I need to create 50 comics! I do like glorious madness, and I adore creating with a sense of service.

New stuff available online

I like having separate websites for each project, but I also want to make life easier for people. I haven’t figured out the answer yet. Your thoughts are very welcome.

One of several new Thing comics

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