Lessons from Sunday skate practice and other things

Lessons from Sunday skate practice and other things

Yesterday was a nice, gentle, thinkey kind of practice from Mike Hammer. I certainly felt more graceful afterwards.

A big takeaway is that I need to work on my left foot in crossovers. I kick back when I should be pushing sideways. Which might have been feedback I’ve heard before (certainly I try to avoid kicking back wherever possible), but I have new ways of approaching/understanding the problem now (focusing on the angle of my foot).

I loved getting tips about hand/arm movements while skating and that makes me feel more fluid. My hands get to say hello to my opposite knees and it makes me feel… well… groovy is the word that comes to mind and stays lodged in my mind (which I guess makes me dorky).

After practice Mike and I plotted out all the major events for 2013. It’s a full schedule, though it gets a bit quieter towards the end of the year.

In the evening I went to my first derby wife wedding. The cake had rollerskating ponies and glitter, the ceremony was adorable with promises to help each other and kick each other’s butt, and we watched both Sherlock Holmes movies. Congratulations Jess and Laurie!

A day without work on the novel! Decadent! Strange!

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