Okay day, lets get stuff done.

Okay day, lets get stuff done.

Yesterday I managed to get up to page 302 out of 567 pages (don’t worry in book formatting the page count is lower). Slow going, but worthwhile. Most of the changes in this editing pass are tightening up language, correcting tenses and deleting the occasional paragraph.

I almost wimped out on my workout last night, but I crammed it in from 11:30pm to 12:30am. My body really is being re-trained and strengthened. I’ve noticed a difference in the wear patterns in my shoes! I don’t scuff the insides of my shoes anymore.

Now I shall charge into the day and read many words to myself.

5 thoughts on “Okay day, lets get stuff done.

  1. Page 405 and quite a few words removed. It’s now 405 out of 559 pages (though some of that is because I removed page breaks).

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