Things, soup and words

Things, soup and words

What are you doing over here? There’s guest art by Erik Owomoyela over on the Things Without Arms and Without Legs website!

In other news I’m at page 254 of 574 of my novel. Reading it out loud is slow going, but I’m removing words that don’t pull their weight. Sometimes I even add words. I hope to be done by week’s end.

I must confess I’ve been a little bit distracted by the heatwave and fires in Australia. Back when I had more normal jobs I wrote the ACT Community Sector’s Emergency Preparedness Plan and spent a lot of time researching every kind of disaster in the context of the most marginalized and vulnerable people. I like NSW’s latest bushfire preparedness website, a lot of good information for anyone who might be near fires (which includes many suburbs).

It’s certainly been odd looking at bushfire/heatwave information while editing a novel that involves a major disaster. When I wrote the first draft a disaster happened while I was in the middle of writing the disaster section. It’s a little bit troubling.

Life is busy, but rewarding. I just got home from practice (Rat City scrimmage, I practiced being penalty box manager and scoreboard operator). Now I must scramble through my exercises (foam rolling, balancing and stretching) before I turn in for the night.

I was also going to write about soup, but I shall leave that for another time.

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