Throat-sore, but not body-sore

Throat-sore, but not body-sore

My throat is tired from reading my novel out loud all day. The novel is better for it, even if I am not. When I ran out of puff reading my novel I wrote a postcard to a friend and that revived me.

Last night’s roller derby practice was a lot of fun. I’m not a very good hitter, but at least I’m getting better and making contact.

At one point the person I was trying to push off the track came to a standstill and so did I. People were yelling push her out, but it felt so much like a direction of gameplay penalty that I froze. I was stationary, she was stationary, and while our bodies were engaged it felt like I’d be initiating new block. It felt so wrong!

They were yelling, “Push her out, push her out”

I was yelling “I can’t!”and making a C signals that probably looked like flailing.

I don’t know how much of my inability to push her out was mental and how much was physical. I tried to try, but I just couldn’t make it happen. All the other times I failed to push Ms Rottentail out it was certainly my body that failed me. She is small and mighty.

It was a great practice and I look forward to scrimmaging on Sunday.

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