Words and skates

Words and skates

Today I worked on query letters and my synopsis. I started reading my novel out loud, but I only got up to page 25 and had to stop.

I encountered an inconsistency in my use of the alien number systems (they have three). I needed to think through my use of base 5 and 6 through the whole novel and where my usage had changed and why. I’ve made it consistent now, and it should be more intuitive for human readers.

I was hoping to get through reading it out loud faster than this and now I have to eat food and get ready for Roller Derby practice. My alter ego, Betsy Nails, needs to get out on the track, no matter how much I would like to slug about on the couch.

When I wasn’t writing I was trying to restore my den to some semblance of sanity – vacuuming up sawdust from my latest modification of my standing desk, tidying up and trying to fix things as a prelude to throwing them out. I now have so much super glue on my fingers that my touchpad struggles to recognize me. Next time I get a cut I am tempted to glue it shut, gorilla glue is powerful stuff!

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