Primary school kids are cool

Primary school kids are cool

I spent the afternoon at a school talking to super smart 4th graders about comics and art and stories. They asked really good questions and had terrific imaginations.

It was a lot of fun.

If you came here looking for advice on how to look cool in primary school (for boys or girls)… well chances are you probably are already cool, even if your classmates or other people around you don’t see it… or maybe see it but aren’t very good at telling you they see it… or they might even tell you, but it’s hard to notice because negative stuff can hurt so much.

The classroom I visited was full of kids I think were cool. Quiet shy kids trying to figure out how to say stuff that meant a lot to them are cool, loud boisterous kids all over the place are cool, musical kids, athletic kids, writing kids, drawing kids, thinking kids, scared kids. Every kid in that classroom was cool and if I have one regret it’s that I didn’t get to spend more time with each of them. There wasn’t time to get to know each unique person.

It’s easy to worry about fitting in, or feeling not seen, or seen in the wrong way. There’s no magical formula to being cool. I wasn’t cool in primary school, but I did work hard at being the best possible me I could be and find my own way. People seem to think I’m cool now and it’s a little confusing.

1) Say nice things to yourself. Amy Poehler has some good advice, for girls or boys (she has lots of other good advice too).

2) Know lots of people worry about things, lose sleep, cry, feel alone, and it’s ok to talk about it.  This read pretty true for me, it might read pretty true for you.

3) If you get a website address and put http://cat. at the beginning and all the images on that website will turn into animated giffs of kittens. That’s pretty cool.

Here’s an example, this is my web comic website:

This is my web comic website meowbified

4) Learning circus skills can be fun, look cool (even if people don’t appreciate it now, people will appreciate it later) and learning to juggle can be difficult and frustrating, but good for your brain. I haven’t learned how to juggle, but I can twirl sticks and play spoons. I remember a cool kid at my school who could balance things on his nose. Find the circus skills that work for you. There are classes or you can teach yourself.

5) Also, hexaflexagons are cool.

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