Thank you to my first two sponsors! :-)

Thank you to my first two sponsors! :-)

Signups for the Clarion-write-a-thon continue, they’re now at 60 participants (include a fake test person, Edgar Allen Poe will not be participating, though he signs up every year). It’s cool to see more people arriving. I might check the list periodically and click through to look at interesting people and smile when I see familiar names… maybe… certainly… stop procrastinating Liz!

Big thanks to Ken Schneyer for giving me my first pledge. He’s promised Clarion some cashes for every unit of awesome I create.

Big thanks to Leslie What for being my first cash up front sponsor.

Big thanks to Justin Whitney for doing so much work on the website and making pledges and sponsorships possible.

Eeee! So exciting, I’m so curious to see what the write-a-thon will bring.

This is my writer page if you want to check it out :-)


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