Launch Pad Video Blog burbling summary

Launch Pad Video Blog burbling summary

Hello! The internet took away my blog post (aka my own absent mindedness and failure to press that pesky save button) and so I did a video blog to capture a fragment of was nifty and cool.

Edit: I love the conversations in SCIENCE. The shininess of the exoplanets app led me to believe I was looking at planets when I wasn’t. Oh how easy it is to be led astray and make layperson assumptions towards what is cool! Thanks Christian :-) <- see conversation in the comments

Things and people mentioned in the video blog:

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  1. Great video, Liz! One teensy clarification – all of the exoplanets to date have been detected within our home galaxy, the Milky Way. However, it would not be unreasonable to extrapolate the statistic of ~1.6 planets per star to other galaxies as well. So glad you enjoyed Launch Pad!

  2. Doh! I’m glad you’re around – the interface confused me with its nifty special effects and zoom out functions. Now that I think about it the M110, M31 are cleary referring to the M of the Milky Way – would thay be in different galaxy clusters or just spread out.

    1. The “M” in M100, M31, etc., refer to their Messier catalog designation. When you’re zooming out in Exoplanet, you zoom out of our milky way and start to see the neighboring galaxies which have Messier catalog designations. To make things more confusing these same galaxies show up in other catalogs as well such as NGC, Arp, etc. but I think Exoplanet simply uses their Messier catalog designations.

  3. Ah! Thanks Christian. So good to get that info. Just goes to show there’s nothing quite like talking to a scientist and assuming that you know something can sometimes be the most misleading thing.

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