Ten Things I’ve Done That You (probably) Haven’t

Ten Things I’ve Done That You (probably) Haven’t

John Scalzi has thrown down the challenge with his own list of ten, here is my list of ten.

First the Australian cliche section
1) Played with wild snakes (poor snakes)
2) Had a tick leap from the head of a habituated (not tame) kangaroo straight onto my hand and immediately latch on
3) Waded through flood waters and even swum through the really big “puddles”
4) Seen the sky go red with the haze of bushfires (ok this is really for the Americans reading, everyone from my hometown has seen this happen)

Less cliched
5) Tried out for the Rat City Roller Girls four times and finally become awesome enough to be on the Rat Lab (RCRG’s new skater development program)… now I have to bring a whole new level of awesome!
6) Moved to another country with my sweetheart… not that unique, except that we arrived with six suitcases and posted a large box of hats.
7) Been paid cash monies to be a guest performance poet!… my first creative paying gig.
8) Probably said “World’s first Indigenous Safe Sex Superhero” more times than any other human being
9) Had a circus run away with me (managing a youth circus was my last ‘normal’ job. I said “for three months only” which of course ended up being six months)
10) Kissed a fellow actor so violently on stage I split his lip.

3 thoughts on “Ten Things I’ve Done That You (probably) Haven’t

    1. I bet your list of ten things would have some pretty interesting things … And recipes that might not be suitable for modern humans!

      1. I didn’t even think of my food stuff as being listable. Eating ancient cucumbers is the stuff of ordinary life I did my list on my blog, though I keep thinking that everyone’s life is more exotic. Except for bushfire suns, but that goes with being Australian and is only exotic to those who live in green and wet countries.

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