Wherever you are, there’s a way you can help the Rat City Roller Girls

Wherever you are, there’s a way you can help the Rat City Roller Girls

First I write about my body parts, scroll down to see a comprehensive list of ways you can help Rat City.

As you may have noticed roller derby has become something of a consuming passion for me. It’s challenged me and rewarded me in ways I never thought possible. Our derby sisters in Portland, the magnificent Wheels of Justice have done the best job I’ve seen of evoking what derby means to me.

We are the Wheels of Justice from Allyson Woodard on Vimeo.

2013 was the year of the calves. The year I learned to skate my calves grew so fast that I’d wake up in the night with growing pains. My increased muscle and good PT shrank my feet and cured my plantar faschitis within 6 months of coming down with it (turns out repeatedly carrying 40 pound bags up hills can create scar tissue & inflammation if your feet don’t have muscle to support it).

2014 was the year of thighs. I love how they’ve grown, and hamstrings to match. I look down or look in the mirror and think “I look like Wonder Woman!” I grew in my strength, challenged myself, grew in terms of what I can hold physically and emotionally. It’s been blood sweat and tears. It’s been teamwork, incredible highs and lows and frustration and being a part of a community that pushes itself and pushes each other. I grin from ear to ear every scrimmage night.

I want 2015 to be the year of the back. I can already feel my mid and lower traps growing. I want it to be the year I bust out chinups and find new depth to my practice. I want it to be full of lateral leaps and figuring out how to juke at long last. I want to hit people and send them flying. I want to give my opponents high fives after they utterly blow me up. I want to slam sideways through tight walls. I want to sit on people, frustrate the heck out of them and have them curse my arse.

Here’s the thing though, there won’t be a 2015 without support. When Rat City moved to our new amazing practice space in Shoreline we bit off more than we could chew. We’ve restructured, gone to all volunteer, got more tenants in, but we need help to get through the restructuring process. I think we’ll make it. I know we’ll make it. But we need help. Fortunately there are lots of options and they can be accessed by people around the world.

You are of course welcome and encouraged to pursue more than one option ;-)

Option 1 – send us your love digitally

Donate at Gofundme.

Option 2 – give us your love viscerally

Come to as many of our events as you can! Fundraising and fantastic training opportunities.

Option 3 – give us your love creatively

Momentum is an important thing. Joy and creativity are important things. The more people who hear about our call to arms the more people are likely to come helps us. Please help us spread the word and put cool images into the world.

  • Grab a Band-Aid
  • Write #SaveRatCity on it
  • Affix it (put it on your face, your dog, your dragon, your bloody handprints, your halloween) take a photo, and either post it on Instagram with #SaveRatCity on it OR e-mail your image to me.
  • For extra points put words like Donate at gofundme.com/SaveRatCity in the comments of your Instagram post :-)
  • Tweet it, facebook it, Livejournal it. Tell me how awesome you are in comments so I may shower you with my virtual love beams.
  • Go and look at the cool eye candy you made at http://saveratcity.com/

Thank you for any help, be it a bandaid, words of love, sharing the word or much needed cashmonies. I send you virtual love beams. Thank you.


Photo Collage created by Copacino+Fujikado, thanks for your generous help!


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