Liz’s schedule at Westercon

Liz’s schedule at Westercon

Photo by Richard Man Photography
I shall aim to entertain, ask rad questions, and give interesting answers. Photo by Richard Man Photography

Hello! I will be in Portland next weekend (4th of July weekend) for Westercon. I’d love to see you there. If you come to my Kaffeeklatsch I’ll draw a free sketch for you! Please come to my Kaffeeklatch, it’s on Friday.

Liz’s Sessions

Friday, July 1


Small group discussions with authors, artists, and other interesting personalities (referred to as “hosts”). Sessions are limited to the host and a small group of attendees, so book in advance to either avoid disappointment, or to assure your person that someone will indeed come and drink beverages with them.

Saturday, July 2


Sunday, July 3


Everybody knows that science fiction has inspired legions of young people to grow up and become scientists; half of NASA was weaned on Star Trek. But does SF’s influence with these people end with their choice of career? Might science fiction actually serve as a legitimate means of transmitting scientific ideas between working scientists in different disciplines? Might it, in certain circumstances, be more effective than the usual technical publications?


Workshops and critique groups can be helpful and change your writing for the better. But they can also hinder an author and we can get stuck in a cycle of repeating things we may not fully understand ourselves. Chat with pros on what areas to watch out for when taking part in any sort of workshop or crit session.

Monday, July 4


From book to comic to the screen, how is written work adapted to different formats? What gets cut, what stays, and why? The panels discuss the methods involved in transforming a novel to comics and other mediums.


Is feminism anti-geek? Are geeks anti-feminist? (Spoiler: no). Come discuss the joyful harmony of promoting geek power and gender equality side-by-side, and learn about the unique challenges facing humans with geek traits, female-categorized traits, or both!


Whether your motivation is global warming, the terrifying decimation of the bee population, or being up too late at night reading dystopian futures, have you wondered: if it really all went down, how you could know whom to rely on, and how much you could fend for yourself? Have you tried being proactive now: learning how to create networks, growing, raising, or gleaning your own food sources, bartering goods and services, building your own mobile shelters, passing local legislation supporting local food sustainability and rain catchment, etc.? Folks involved in such proactive individual, family, and community endeavors facilitate a discussion, ideally with avid audience participation, towards innovating ideas and sharing what works.

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