Remembering Kate Yule

Remembering Kate Yule

A brain tumor took Kate Yule from us yesterday.

She was/is (for the quality of character can extend beyond time) an exemplar of so much of what I love about the community of science fiction and fantasy, and why I choose SFF author over author as a label.

The first time I met Kate I felt accepted, included and wrapped up in a community where squee was a normal state of being. Kate was kind, generous, lively, and infinitely curious. Her crafty projects filled me with awe. I loved how her eye lit up in the face of new adventure (be it organizing a convention, untangling yarn or pondering the nature of the cosmos).

The treatment for an aggressive glioblastoma is not a kind one. Last time I saw her the frustrations of aphasia brain fog and overloading were frustrating her, but she was holding up with a grace Olympians would admire. Her strength was remarkable, as was her ability to articulate her aphasia while having aphasia.

Kate was a community maker, an enthusiasm spreader, generous of heart, and with a strong spirit. I spent an hour or two trying to draw her today, so hard to capture a spirit, but it struck me that she only looks anything like herself when she is smiling. I ran out of good paper until I created one that captured a little of her something as I see it.

<3 to David, I’m so glad you had 25 years together, and gratitude for being so open about this difficult journey. <3 to all the people who stepped up to help with caring roles and kept community close.

Vale Kate.


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