Orycon, availability, and a boost for your own creative process

Orycon, availability, and a boost for your own creative process


Home from Orycon

It filled me with so much joy to see old friends and meet new fans. You guys inspire me and I will try to work harder for you every day. We have some challenging years ahead of us and it will be important to find a multitude of ways to bring the awesome. I was impressed by the quality of conversations in many spaces at Orycon and I hope to be back next year.

Available for commissions, workshops and consulting

I’ve just finished up a contract at Microsoft, so now is a great time to chat with me about projects. I’ll be using this as an opportunity to treat myself as a client as well, as I have neglected myself a little. It’s an exciting opportunity for me, and possibly for your organization!

Structure, simple goals, getting stuff done! Jessica Abel breaks it down AND you get to see some snippets from my novel in progress.

It’s no secret that I adored my experience at ACA. Through the power of our Master Artist, you can get a taste of it for yourself, look at some pretty photos, AND get a nudge for your own projects.


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