Home from Atlantic Centre for the Arts, Residency 163

Home from Atlantic Centre for the Arts, Residency 163


Flying home from ACA, inking Things comics I sketched while there. So much deep work. I found new capacity as a storyteller. I was inspired by great people who I got to talk to and listen to and exist in space with. I realized, again, ways I rob myself of my own power an watched myself repeat those behaviors. Compulsions that will take time to balance.

I found/remembered new ways of fun for my practice. New capacity to push into, the raw and muted. To feel and laugh and cry and share full throated Karaoke.

New projects are coming. New approaches are coming that should offer fun for you and me AND help me honor and value my time more!

Looking down at a river of lights. Landing soon and ready to come home, again and again and again.

Master Artist Jessica Abel with Liz Argall, Jenny Blair, Lacy Davis, Robin Ha, James Kettner (Kett), JD Lunt, Stacy Pigg and Keith Wilson.

Master Artist Natasha Barrett with Rebecka Ahvenniemi, Andrew Babcock, Brona Martin, Rob Seaback, Eli Stine, Robert Scott Thompson, Giulia Vismara and Benjamin Whiting.

Master Artist Sanford Biggers with, Jacob Broussard, Jen Everett, Katya Grokhovsky, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Catalina Ouyang, Victor Perez, Megan Reed and Oli Rodriguez.

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