Nebula Awards wrap up

Nebula Awards wrap up

The Nebula awards were hosted in Pittsburgh this year and once again I was delighted by the proceedings. These were my third Nebulas and it’s been so interesting seeing how they have grown and developed. My most distinct memory of Nebulas 2015 was David Hartwell chuckling with delight to see all these new young people (young in writer age and mixed bag in terms of physical age) turning up. 2016 built on what came before and turned itself into a full on conference with the most exciting array of professional programming I’ve seen. 2017 was the first year in Pittsburgh, but you wouldn’t have thought it had only just moved (the Nebulas move around).

Edited highlights

You can see more things I illustrated at the con over with the Things

Jane Yolen (SFWA Grand Master) is delightful, listening to her talk in programming was a real treat.

SFWA’s mentor mentee program, was good fun again. Regardless of experience it’s nice to have a friendly face at the start of the con and I was glad I could be a friendly face for a few people.

Icecream was made in front of us with liquid nitrogen, which meant I had to run around and figure out how to unsticky myself right before the author signing as I had covered myself in icecream.

At the signing THERE WAS AN ASTRONAUT NEXT TO US!!!! Dr Kjell Lindgren was a super lovely human being. I got a few things signed by him and enjoyed his Toastmastery as well as his talks.

I offered myself up for office hours, despite being fearful no one would come. Folks came and we had a good time talking about comics, roleplaying games and storytelling craft.

Margot Attwell of Kickstarter is always worth listening to about Kickstarter (amongst other things) and the Patreon talk has got me seriously considering setting up a Patreon (it feels so vulnerable and I’m worried about letting folks down, but I do produce a lot of free stuff, maybe some folks would like to pay me?)

I was a panellist for Gaming and Writing, with a really broad spectrum of games writers – board games, computer games, roleplaying games, online choose your own adventure games. Twas jolly good with Annalee Flower Horne moderating and Merc Rustad, Todd Sanders and S.B.Divya lending their expertise.

I moderated a panel on Work for Hire which also brought together a very well rounded group, thank you to Ken Chiacchia, Nancy Lambert and Jody Lynn Nye.

I’d been experiencing a hefty chunk of imposter syndrome before attending, and so it was nice to be nourished by community, feel welcomed and renewed.

The Awards ceremony was lovely, with many tears shed. There are so many terrific authors in the field I had no idea who would win. Every year is a full of such delights, nominees, finalists and a long list of excellent suggestions, congratulations all round. I cannot wait to see next year. Check out this years list for inspiration for what to read next

Like always it was over too too soon, though it feels weird to be finishing up at the Nebulas and hardly say goodbye as we stride on towards Wiscon!

Thank you so much to everyone who made it a such a nice convention, nothing is effortless but your hard work make it seem so.

Per aspera ad astra

We choose to go to the moon

And the other things too


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  1. I learned about your webcomic at Wiscon. When I went looking for your Patreon, I found out you didn’t have one. You really should set one up! giving rewards probably causes more signups but rewards are not required by Patreon.

    1. That is such an awesome thing to hear! I’ve been working on my Patreon this week! I’m excited about the idea of a $50 per month rewards level where every month $100 of Things stuff is given to a charity of their choice (or mine if they are busy). I don’t know if that would appeal to folks, but thinking about all the possibilities of Patreon is exciting (and a touch intimidating, so it’s nice to get reminders and nudges :))

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