Numbers, Ankles and Visas

Numbers, Ankles and Visas

It’s been a full few weeks. Here’s a little by the numbers.

  • 6 whole days until I leave Canberra
  • 4 whole days to pack up most of the house and prepare an awesome farewell
  • 3 torn ligaments in my right ankle
  • 3 visits to the physiotherapist and 1 ankle brace
  • 1 set of x-rays showing no bones broken
  • 2 Visas, one for Mike(y), one for me. America here we come!
  • 1 night of rockband, singstar and pata pata pata pon until 3am with friends
  • 1 night of Eurovision and friends
  • boundless, the sensation of blessedness around the good people I have in my life.

And here’s a picture of my bruised ankle from a few days ago. Since then the migration of bruising to my toes has contined in a black textured manner, the swelling has gone down further and the bruising over the ankle has faded. This happened shortly after my last post on accident prone lizness… the pen really is mightier than the sword. Owwww!

Lizs purple bruised ankle
Liz's purple bruised ankle

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4 thoughts on “Numbers, Ankles and Visas

  1. The picture isn’t coming through, just looks like a broken image (unless it IS a picture of a broken image, in which case, touche’!).

    Sounds like some serious excitement. yay rockband!

  2. Interesting. I’ve linked to an image on twitpics and it’s coming through for me. Do you think maybe Twitpicks is blocked? I shall reload when I am in Melbourne locally.

    I am jealousing your epic completion of the ultimate setlist. There must be rockband when we get there (with costuming :-).

  3. Don’t know about the picture, I’m at work, I’m not sure what they may or may not block. however, when I try to go to the picture directly I get the following error:

    “The website declined to show this webpage
    HTTP 403
    Most likely causes:
    This website requires you to log in. ”

    Rest assured, there will be rockbanding. My sister has a weekly gig with her band, and we bbreak it out just about any time someone’s over and is inclined. By the time you’re here we’ll probably be ready for the endless setlist on hard.

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